Erasing The Awkwardness

May 13, 2016

Everyone Hates The Awkwardness of First Dates

Awkward Dating

3 Tips to Make It Easier

Going on a first date with someone new is exciting, but it may also make you feel quite nervous. You want to leave a good impression and finally meet the perfect match, but you are probably not sure how to act on the date. You do not want to talk too much, but you do not want to talk too little. The best way to avoid most of the awkwardness is to act confidently and balance things out.

Start Chatting Right Away

After greeting one another, try to avoid the awkward silence by starting a conversation. You could ask such a simple question, such as, “How was your day?” It only takes one question to get thing started. If you do not know too much about this person you are going on a date with, it is a great time to start finding out more about their hobbies and interests.

Remember not to talk too much. It is fine to tell some stories about yourself, but you do not want to interrupt the other person or talk over them because then they may get frustrated. Make sure the conversation is balanced perfectly between the two of you.

Keep the Phone in Your Purse or Jacket

Dating And TextingIt may be a habit of yours to pull out the phone when you start feeling nervous. Texting while dating makes you feel relaxed. However, this will likely make your date feel a bit awkward. He or she may feel like you are not even interested because you are staring at your phone. Keep it away in your purse or jacket for the duration of the date to show your interest in the other person.

Smile and Look at the Person While Talking

If you feel a bit shy, you may struggle to make eye contact, but that will make the date even more awkward. Act confidently and look directly at the other person the whole time you are on the date. Not only does it show them you are paying attention to them, but it will likely make you even more attractive to them because people tend to love confident men and women.

Most first dates are awkward, but there are ways to make the whole ordeal a bit easier. Simply keep the conversation going, put away the electronics and always make eye contact.

Complimenting Not Completing In Love

May 9, 2016

Find A Date Who Compliments Not Completes You

Couple Romance

If you have been dating lots of people, looking for that special someone who will complement you in many ways, you must first understand that there is a significant difference between someone who complements the person that you are, yet does not complete you as a person. Let’s look at the differences between complimenting and completing and then show you how to find a person who will complement you in some way.

Complementing Versus Completing

When a person is looking for someone to complement them, they are not looking for a significant other, or a person that they will be with the rest of their life. They are merely looking for someone who can make them feel better about themselves, or perhaps enhance the person that they are, making them feel more comfortable perhaps around other people. If you are looking for someone who completes you, you are literally looking for your soul mate, an individual who is going to be that other half of you that is missing. Essentially, a person who complements you is enhancing your existing qualities and traits, whereas a person who completes you is adding that part of you which is missing and may very well be necessary to allow you to feel contentment.

Where You Can Find These People

If you have friends or family members who are aware of your personality traits, they will likely be able to connect you with someone who you will enjoy being with. You can also find people based upon their bio on a dating website, looking for individuals who will motivate you to contact them. A person who will complement your personality likely has very similar interests, not to mention similar personality traits. By simply making yourself available and by assessing the people who are brought to your attention, through friends and dating websites, you should be able to find someone who will work for you.

Anyone who has a goal of simply finding someone who will make them happy, without a desire to find a soul mate, can do so very easily. Many people have similar personality traits and you will be able to talk with these individuals and do things with them, which will make both of you happy. Using these simple tips, you should be able to quickly find someone who may actually be in the city or town that you are living in right now. After a period of time, you might finally decide that this person who is making you the happiest may also be the same person who will make you feel complete.

Is Sex Chat Really For You?

May 4, 2016

So You’ve Decided To Give Sex Chat Services At Try.

Telephone Dating Etiquette: What You Need To Know

Sexy Phone ChatPhone dating is a great way to meet people. Instead of wasting time looking through online personal ads and sending messages back and forth that never go anywhere, you can actually speak to your potential date and make a connection right away. Hearing someone’s voice can tell you so much about a person. It is easier to tell if there is a mutual attraction or not when you actually speak to someone. The tone of their voice lets you know that they are interested in you or not. To make the most of your telephone sex chat experience, you want to follow some basic phone etiquette rules.


Don’t Be Pushy

Don’t start asking for personal information and pressing the other person to meet on the first phone call. Take things slowly. You just want to hear the other person’s voice and see if you have a connection. Talk to them for awhile and see if you really do have a few things in common.

Stick to general topics and don’t try to analyse the person. Don’t ask for their home address or phone number. You don’t want the call to sound like a police interrogation or give the impression that you are a stalker. Keep things light.


Don’t Turn The Call Into A Therapy Session

Your potential date doesn’t want to hear you go into depth about your divorce or your kids. Keep the drama to a minimum to avoid turning off your date. The person you are talking to isn’t a therapist.

Also, if perhaps you are taking medication for depression or any other condition, keep it to yourself for now. Over sharing can be a real problem with phone dating services. You want to ask your potential dates questions, but keep them simple. Sharing too much information in too short a time can really turn others off you.


Be Enthusiastic

You want to keep the call moving and also keep it on a happy note. Stay upbeat and find out what your potential date enjoys. You want the call to be optimistic and fun. Don’t speak angrily about breaking up with your ex or how you hate your job. Negativity is going to turn other callers off fast.


Keep Things Friendly

Even if you are attracted to the sound of your potential date’s voice, try to stay cool. Don’t start getting romantic or try to initiate phone sex on the first call. Remember to keep things light, no matter how sexy you find the other person’s voice to be. Sex chat is fun but don’t rush things.

The worst thing you can do is scare off the other person, so keep things neutral and light until you get to know each other better. Stay positive and enjoy getting to know the other person slowly. Phone dating is a great way to really connect with lots of new friends.

Growing Your Love Relationship

April 19, 2016

What You Need To Grow Together In Your Love Relationship


Growing Your LoveThere are few things that can match the high of finally being in a relationship. Finding someone that you just click with is special. Keeping things going past that initial spark can be a challenge though. With the following information, you can ensure that you’re on the right path to nurture your relationship and watch it grow.

Learn To Be OK With Space

So many relationships in today’s day and age end because they become stagnant. Seeing your significant other every day and doing everything together may seem nice; but it may not be best for your type of relationship.

You need new things to talk about with each other. You need room to grow as individuals. You need to continue to create that spark, because it will not create itself. Don’t be afraid to create a little space between you and your significant other. Managed correctly, it can guarantee a long and happy relationship.

Keep Things Fresh: Always Try To Grow

When you do spend time with your significant other, you are going to want to continually do and try new things together. Those in long and happy relationships often talk about the sense of adventure that pervades their interactions with each other.

Take a dance class together. Jump out of a plane (with a parachute of course). Take a baking class together. You want to experience new things whenever possible. Growing together creates strong bonds that will survive the test of time, no matter what else you may go through.

Never Skimp On The Fundamentals

If you’ve ever played sports then you’ve heard the adage “fundamentals win games”. This holds true in a relationship as well. People fail to stay together all the time because they skimp on the little things that make a relationship work.

Always be ready to listen to your lover vent about their day. Focus on small gestures: do the dishes, buy some flowers or give them a back rub.

Making Love Grow Together

It is small gestures like this that make successful relationships work. Big gestures are nice; but they come off as forced if done too often.

This is all simple information that you can put into action right now or keep for when your relationship needs putting back on the right track. You’re capable of making your relationship last. Just stick to the fundamentals and be empathetic enough to read what your lover wants/needs on a daily basis. Working at your relationship together will get you back on the right way to a lasting love.

Coping With Distance

April 15, 2016

How To Cope When You’re Missing Your Love Partner

Long Distance Romance

Living without your partner for any given amount of time can be hard and depressing. Being separated from someone you love can lead you to withdraw from your social life altogether and feel like the world is against you. If you’re in a seemingly impossible situation and you’re missing your partner, here are some ways that you can ease your relationship troubles and learn how to cope with long distance love:

The first step is to accept what is happening and accept that you have no control over it. Don’t automatically start coming up with worst case scenarios and assuming that your relationship is doomed. The fact is, your partner is going to be away for a while, but that doesn’t mean things are over.

Don’t allow yourself to be alone during this time. It may seem like a good idea to alienate yourself from friends and family, as you may feel that you’re not very good company, but that type of negativity can make things worse. Amp up your social life and spend time with people who care about you. When you have the right company, you won’t feel so sad.

Discover a new hobby or keep your mind occupied with certain activities. It’s important to keep your brain busy, as the absence of your partner can cause you to think irrationally. Instead of dwelling on what happened or automatically assuming your partner will cheat on you, give yourself some time to nurture a new interest.

Instead of focusing on your partner, start focusing on yourself. Make yourself a better version of you by going out and getting yourself pampered. A new haircut and some retail therapy may be all that you need to feel better about the circumstances that you’re in.

Distant LoveBe honest with each other and don’t make promises that you’re unable to keep. The distance between the two of you may seem vast and many people are prone to making promises that they end up breaking along the way. Focus on the days ahead one at a time and it will allow you to work through your problems at a reasonable pace.

Missing someone is never easy and your mind can get the better of you when you’re apart. Instead of allowing yourself to focus on the negatives of being without someone you love, it’s best to develop new interests and focus on yourself a little bit.

Phone Sex Chat Rooms In Sydney Melbourne And Brisbane For Horny Men And Sexy Women

April 12, 2016

Phone Sex Chat Rooms In Sydney Melbourne And Brisbane For Horny Men And Sexy Women

It isn’t easy finding a mate. It can be so hard to meet someone and make a real connection. Sure, you can put up a personals ad on an online dating site, but the truth is, very few of those matches ever pan out into a real meeting. Between the people who put up fake profiles and photos and people who are just playing around with no intention of ever meeting in the real world, your chances of finding love could be slim. Phone dating using sex chat lines offer a totally different experience. Read on to learn more.

Telephone chat attracts people who actually want to meet in real life. No more trying to set up a date for coffee, only to be turned down over and over again. You don’t have to sort through fake profile photos either. The introductions are voice intros and it’s very difficult to fake a voice. There are real people on the other end of the line who are ready and willing to date and meet new people.

Hearing someone’s voice can give you much more information than you could get with just a picture. You can tell quite a bit about a person from their voice and it is a good way to find an attraction to someone. When you first call up, you will be asked to record an introduction about yourself so that others on the line can ‘check you out’ and maybe leave you a message. You can also listen to introductions and leave messages for those you like the sound of. Maybe then you can talk ‘live’ to see if you have a connection.

Your phone call is private and secure. Since it goes through the service, your identity or phone number will never be revealed to the other person. You can learn more about the person and see if you are really attracted to them. Remember to never give away any personal information during your first call. Keep it light and fun. This meant to be fun, so approach it with the right attitude. Sound happy and enjoy yourself.

Getting too intense too quickly can turn the other person off and you definitely don’t want to press for any personal information. As you learn more about the other person you can slowly get more personal. When you meet, be sure to meet in a place with plenty of people around and do so during the day, for your safety. Make your first meeting casual, so maybe just go for a coffee or dessert.

Adult phone chat lines give you an excellent opportunity to find a potential partner. You don’t have to play games and the people who use telephone dating actually want to meet.

Ending Love Relationships

March 19, 2016

4 Signs That Your Relationship May Be Over


Couple In Love FightingThe death of a relationship is sometimes subtle and slow. One or both of the partners may become distant and silent. They decide to abandon or ignore the actions that are necessary, daily, to keep the relationship alive and healthy. Unfortunately, over time the things that once made the relationship strong are the same factors that can begin to tear it apart.

There are four signs that your relationship and romance is over.

Lack of Interest     

It was not that long ago the interests the two of you sharef helped to bring you together. Now it is the same interests, partner and relationship that no longer bring joy into your life.

Poor Communication

Remember when the two of you used to spend hours on the phone talking with each other. The conversations that you have now are often painful, strained and stressful. The conversations are hollow and there is no love being expressed in them.


After the newness of the relationship has worn away, there are no more surprise hugs, kisses, cuddling or hand holding. The intimacy in the relationship may have become infrequent, or there may not be any intimacy at all.

Man And Woman Arguing


If it seems that no matter what conversation you try to have, the conversation turns into a fight, chances are high that your relationship is in its final stage.

These are four of the most common signs of the death of a relationship, but there are several other signs that you should be aware of.


What were once compliments and thoughtful comments have been replaced with rudeness, disrespect and criticism. The negative comments may be associated with physical changes such as weight loss or gain, people you associate with and your behaviour or personality. Consistent lack of respect for both partners can end the relationship.

Lack Of Effort To Understand

When a partner expresses dissatisfaction with a certain situation, there is little to no effort on the part of the other partner to understand. There is no more empathy and it has been replaced with annoyance. The other partner feels belittled and neither is motivated to find a solution to the issue.

While it is normal for people to evolve and change during the course of a relationship, these are some of the signs that your relationship may be in trouble. However, the relationship can be saved if both partners are willing to put in the work. There is a reason you once fell in love with that person, do what you can to restore the lost love.

Happiness In Love

March 15, 2016

Cultivating Better Love Relationships And Happiness In Your Life

If you’re seeking a better love relationship and happiness, and you’ve been unsuccessful thus far, perhaps you’re going about it the wrong way. Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness doesn’t come from someone else, it comes from within you.

Happy Loving Couple

It’s actually written into the American Bill of Rights, “the right to pursue happiness”. However, it’s vital to note that happiness takes work, hard work.

For some, it may come easily. They may feel that they have the life that they’ve always dreamed of but for others they may feel that they’ve never had any happiness at all.

Once a person sets their mind to be happy, they will often find that they can cultivate a better love. It starts with acknowledging and recognising the positives in their love life. This can turn into a great thing if they can take their focus off of any discontent and focus instead on things that make them happy.

It’s not difficult and it can actually be fun. It can be done together or separately and it is free. That’s right, free!

Happiness is a state of mind. If a person tells themselves that they’re happy, they will portray happiness and focus on what really matters.

Learning to let go of preconceived expectations and focusing on important aspects, will go far in helping a person and a couple, to cultivate a better love relationship and happiness.

Everyone has a preconceived idea of what it takes to be happy. However, many times this preconceived list is completely wrong. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Winning the lotto doesn’t buy happiness. Great looks, a huge house, none of these are the key to happiness.

According to research, long term happiness comes when a person learns to be happy with what they do have, happy with whom they are with and happy with themselves.

Focusing on what makes us happy doesn’t cost a dime, it won’t hurt a bit and it can allow us to open our minds and let the love flow freely into our relationships. Happiness takes determination to love where we’re at and what we have.