Complimenting Not Completing In Love

Find A Date Who Compliments Not Completes You

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If you have been dating lots of people, looking for that special someone who will complement you in many ways, you must first understand that there is a significant difference between someone who complements the person that you are, yet does not complete you as a person. Let’s look at the differences between complimenting and completing¬†and then show you how to find a person who will complement you in some way.

Complementing Versus Completing

When a person is looking for someone to complement them, they are not looking for a significant other, or a person that they will be with the rest of their life. They are merely looking for someone who can make them feel better about themselves, or perhaps enhance the person that they are, making them feel more comfortable perhaps around other people. If you are looking for someone who completes you, you are literally looking for your soul mate, an individual who is going to be that other half of you that is missing. Essentially, a person who complements you is enhancing your existing qualities and traits, whereas a person who completes you is adding that part of you which is missing and may very well be necessary to allow you to feel contentment.

Where You Can Find These People

If you have friends or family members who are aware of your personality traits, they will likely be able to connect you with someone who you will enjoy being with. You can also find people based upon their bio on a dating website, looking for individuals who will motivate you to contact them. A person who will complement your personality likely has very similar interests, not to mention similar personality traits. By simply making yourself available and by assessing the people who are brought to your attention, through friends and dating websites, you should be able to find someone who will work for you.

Anyone who has a goal of simply finding someone who will make them happy, without a desire to find a soul mate, can do so very easily. Many people have similar personality traits and you will be able to talk with these individuals and do things with them, which will make both of you happy. Using these simple tips, you should be able to quickly find someone who may actually be in the city or town that you are living in right now. After a period of time, you might finally decide that this person who is making you the happiest may also be the same person who will make you feel complete.