Erasing The Awkwardness

Everyone Hates The Awkwardness of First Dates

Awkward Dating

3 Tips to Make It Easier

Going on a first date with someone new is exciting, but it may also make you feel quite nervous. You want to leave a good impression and finally meet the perfect match, but you are probably not sure how to act on the date. You do not want to talk too much, but you do not want to talk too little. The best way to avoid most of the awkwardness is to act confidently and balance things out.

Start Chatting Right Away

After greeting one another, try to avoid the awkward silence by starting a conversation. You could ask such a simple question, such as, “How was your day?” It only takes one question to get thing started. If you do not know too much about this person you are going on a date with, it is a great time to start finding out more about their hobbies and interests.

Remember not to talk too much. It is fine to tell some stories about yourself, but you do not want to interrupt the other person or talk over them because then they may get frustrated. Make sure the conversation is balanced perfectly between the two of you.

Keep the Phone in Your Purse or Jacket

Dating And TextingIt may be a habit of yours to pull out the phone when you start feeling nervous. Texting while dating makes you feel relaxed. However, this will likely make your date feel a bit awkward. He or she may feel like you are not even interested because you are staring at your phone. Keep it away in your purse or jacket for the duration of the date to show your interest in the other person.

Smile and Look at the Person While Talking

If you feel a bit shy, you may struggle to make eye contact, but that will make the date even more awkward. Act confidently and look directly at the other person the whole time you are on the date. Not only does it show them you are paying attention to them, but it will likely make you even more attractive to them because people tend to love confident men and women.

Most first dates are awkward, but there are ways to make the whole ordeal a bit easier. Simply keep the conversation going, put away the electronics and always make eye contact.

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