Ending Love Relationships

4 Signs That Your Relationship May Be Over


Couple In Love FightingThe death of a relationship is sometimes subtle and slow. One or both of the partners may become distant and silent. They decide to abandon or ignore the actions that are necessary, daily, to keep the relationship alive and healthy. Unfortunately, over time the things that once made the relationship strong are the same factors that can begin to tear it apart.

There are four signs that your relationship and romance is over.

Lack of Interest     

It was not that long ago the interests the two of you sharef helped to bring you together. Now it is the same interests, partner and relationship that no longer bring joy into your life.

Poor Communication

Remember when the two of you used to spend hours on the phone talking with each other. The conversations that you have now are often painful, strained and stressful. The conversations are hollow and there is no love being expressed in them.


After the newness of the relationship has worn away, there are no more surprise hugs, kisses, cuddling or hand holding. The intimacy in the relationship may have become infrequent, or there may not be any intimacy at all.

Man And Woman Arguing


If it seems that no matter what conversation you try to have, the conversation turns into a fight, chances are high that your relationship is in its final stage.

These are four of the most common signs of the death of a relationship, but there are several other signs that you should be aware of.


What were once compliments and thoughtful comments have been replaced with rudeness, disrespect and criticism. The negative comments may be associated with physical changes such as weight loss or gain, people you associate with and your behaviour or personality. Consistent lack of respect for both partners can end the relationship.

Lack Of Effort To Understand

When a partner expresses dissatisfaction with a certain situation, there is little to no effort on the part of the other partner to understand. There is no more empathy and it has been replaced with annoyance. The other partner feels belittled and neither is motivated to find a solution to the issue.

While it is normal for people to evolve and change during the course of a relationship, these are some of the signs that your relationship may be in trouble. However, the relationship can be saved if both partners are willing to put in the work. There is a reason you once fell in love with that person, do what you can to restore the lost love.

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